Our Approach

Building a collaborative Business Enterprise Hub has been on our hearts and minds for a few years now.

We believe it is the best way to foster true entrepreneurship - amongst other professionals who are focused, driven, innovative and on a similar path.

We have intentionally created spaces for you to both connect and collaborate as well as seek the solace necessary for birthing some of your best ideas.

The founders are not only your hosts, but are also building e-commerce businesses in both local and international markets so are in touch with the challenges and triumphs of business building and management.

Our philosophy is simple - create spaces that foster entrepreneurship, connection and professional community.

Our Story

Leigh Nicholls is the Founder of the Business Enterprise Hub.

She is ambitious and driven by fulfilling purpose and individual capacity and believes that we are far more capable than we realise. We have the capacity to achieve an exceptional amount with the 24 hours a day we have been given. This doesn't mean you have to be ridiculously busy, just ridiculously intentional.

Leigh is a Lawyer in progress (double degree LLB & BBus Management) and will eventually house Legal Mediation Practice  - Nicholls & Associates on the top floor of the Enterprise Hub.

Entrepreneurship is her other focus. This birthed both The Hub and international e-commerce business Cartelle the Label. Leigh will be in the Hub with her business partners outworking Cartelle on a daily basis hence an authentic part of the co-working fraternity.

Leigh lives on the South Coast of Australia, in the Northern Suburbs of the Illawarra and is raising two teenagers. She is passionate about family, business, and Law.

You can email Leigh at